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Trying to find a smile

by , Sunday December 31, 2017
Trying to find a smile

New years, Whats so special about that??


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  • Hope Skyliner

    David Eddings

    So ive never found anyone yet who likes david eddings, I love his books so much and have every single one of them. SO please if you like him come join
  • Hope Skyliner
    Cant wait for next chapter. Trying to stay out of that particular hole myself. Its tempting, but i know i cant. hoping for a happy ending but i know life cant be fit in a story
    Haylie Chapman
    Haylie Chapman
    (This is a true story about myself) I had always thought I was ugly. That I was fat, and no one needed me. That was when I had started cutting my wrists and thighs, and I assumed no one would find out....
  • Hope Skyliner
    amazing poetry, how the lines flow off each other drags you into the world. Sorry, sounds like i'm anaysing it. Its awesome, truly awesome.
    I am (A poem about life)
    I am (A poem about...
  • Hope Skyliner

    mumbled "New years?? Why is it so special"

    Why does everyone think new year’s is so special?

    I mean for god’s sake I started whatever this is. I just need to do this. For me.

    For god’s sake I need to do something for me.

    I suppose New Year’s Eve is filled with hopes and promises.

    Millions and billions straining and squinting trying to look to the future.

    Trying to predict where they’ll be what they’ll be doing.

    It’s a way point.

    cont on my blog "Trying to find a smile" by me @[Hope Skyliner]
    if this interested you go check it out.
    Happy New Years Eve :)
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