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Hey. Im Kionna if you didn't already know.

I'm an artist and accept criticism well. I hate using exclamation points when I write a book unless in dialogue... I know I'm a weirdo , but they feel like bad jokes in a writing to me

I have a figment , so if you have one too go check mine out. And I keep different books on my figment...Goooooo!

I have Wattpad too with totally different books on there as well. http://www.wattpad.com/user/HooliganImagination


I love all types of music like....
Florence and The Machines
Amanda Palmer
Ed Sheeran
Tom Odell
Lady Gaga and more .

I'm a bit of a feminist, so some of my books are totally Girlpower-esque.

MY BIGGEST DREAM....is to publish my books and spread the love of my characters around. Yeah very cliche I know.

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    mumbled "Ill read anything !"

    I will read your story if you give me a link and if you read my story
    Facing The IncurableNow on Wattpad............. Quinn is not normal. She can hold her breath for 30 seconds. She doesn't have a crush on the school's token bad boy and...

    and comment on it for proof!

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