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name:bethany adele williams

age:12 (going on 13 this year)

looks:5'0, short brown/red hair,blue eyes.

likes:one direction, linkin park, the script, reading, hanging out with friends, shopping, singing, drawing, eating, chocolate.

dislikes: cheesy chat-up lines, annoying people, school, rain, bullies, homework, the color grey, beetroot, oniions, justin bieber.

hobbies:singing, playing guitar, shopping, listning to music, tweeting, dancing, living life (being random and wierd) and my friends.

favourite quotes:
god made coke, god made pepsi, god made me-oh so sexy. god made river, god made lake, well..........we all make mistakes.

i'm insecure
i know what for
i'm not danielle
32 or Eleanor-or-or

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