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Harry Potter, Marvel Comics, Divergent, LOTR, Hunger Games. Love the winter Olympics, The Host (the book not the movie), and Greek mythology. Bonfires, hockey games, country lifestyle. I speak sarcasm and profanity, have heels higher than your standards and believe that a girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her <3

"Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi"
""I show not your face but your hearts desire."

  • Holly Jane Peters

    mumbled "New Story and Story updates!"

    Hi all! So I've been MIA for awhile but over the next month and a bit I'll be trying to update and finish most of the stories I have in here. Also if you haven't already checked it out I published a new story a few days ago! I recently have become obsessed with Teen Wolf and decided to write a story about what I think should happen in their senior year (season 5). Read it, like it, love it! :)
    Megites Nightshade
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    I definitely will! I also have recently become obsessed!
  • Holly Jane Peters

    mumbled "Like a Girl"

    Check out my new movella 'Like a Girl'! I've recently gotten into this basketball obsession and love the whole 'girls can do almost anything a guy can do' thing! :) Thanks!!
  • Holly Jane Peters
    Soooo good!
    | Mermaid |
    | Mermaid |
    When Indiana almost drowns something unexpected happens-she turns into a mermaid. Every time she touches water she evolves into a mermaid. How will she keep her secret?
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