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I am a fun loving young girl with a big heart and big dreams.

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    Please update!!! This is awesome!!!
    What if Harry Potter was sent to Slytherin
    What if Harry Pott...
    What if the Sorting Hat had shouted "Slytherin" instead of "Gryffindor", when Professor McGonagall placed it on Harry's head.
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    I super agree. Even though I'm not teased by being a bookworm I really agree. Reading has helped me as a person. People don't usually tease me though. They do call my a bookworm but I don't mind. It might be different if they didn't think that I was super smart. I tell them I'm not though. People shouldn't care about what others say about them because we are all different but the same in many ways and making fun of someone because of what they like to do, what they look like, or what they believe in has never and will never help us in this world.
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    This is really good!!! Will u please update it?!?!
    Luna Potter and the Beginning of the Prophecy
    Luna Potter and...
    Luna Lovegood Potter has three siblings, James, Albus, and Lily Potter. Her parents died when she was one year old. No one knows about her, because at her birth only a few people knew that she existed....
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    Can u update please?!
    Wizard-born Muggle
    Wizard-born Muggle
    A Harry Potter Fan Fiction "I am Katarina Lucinda Figg. I am 10 years old and I'm a squib." Lucy is a bit odd. She loves boxes, pranks and Eric the parrot - she also enjoys a good waffle with whipped...
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    Please add more!
    A Day in the Life
    A Day in the Life
    One day something happens. It happens in a High School. This High School is in a small town named Drallen. Drallen is in Scotland, and Scotland is on Earth... As often as possible I will update this with...
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