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Basically, im da shit, and you are too if your reading this. *knuckle touch*
I joke, I joke. I am not cool at all. Well I am in my head but thats a pretty strange place...
Anywhoo, pointless shit about me:
À mon avis (that's right, I learn french) most people are idiots.
I drink a lot of coffee
Music is my oxygen. <3
I get easily destracted and i am constantly procrastinating.
I have tried being nice to people who piss me off but it always ends badly so I now give up.
I can't spell a majority of words.
Im semi gay (thats bisexual to normal people)
I am an atheist and sceptic but find paranormal theories facinating.
I get easily pissed off by people.
Twitter: @HMEggy88
Blogger Name: HMEggy88
Wattpad: HMEggy88
(I'm too creative with user names)
I like drawing cat whiskers or a moustache on my face. :P
Urmm my favorite colours black.
And thats all i can think of right now.
So yeah, go make yourself some coffee and read one of my stories. (only if you want to though, coz they pretty shit)
If you wanna talk then inbox me. I will answer and speak to people but I hate starting conversations. :)
Bubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pumpkin x :-{D
P.S. The monkey dies :'( sad times
P.P.S. Label me as anything and I will throw a chair at you. If I needed a label, I would be a tin of beans.
P.P.P.S...............The Game :-{P mwuhahahahahaha

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