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Sup, I'm Harry or just call me what you want, I don't really care, I'm just a half normal kid from some sh*thole, I hate people who piss me off and that's about it really. p.s don't read the shizzle i have posted, yer eyes will bleed.

  • Hjhenley
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    Drop Dead || CreepyPasta Fanfic
    Drop Dead || Creep...
    "It was supposed to be the best night of my life..." Eyeless Jack is terribly sick, and badly injured. Although he is inhuman, he won't be able to recover from this... Little Eyeless won't have...
  • Hjhenley

    Child of The Void

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    With the war stagnant, new threats emerge from the cowards past. Igniting the final chain of events down a dark path.
    7 months ago
    ???: *Void portals open where the caravan was knocked to. The seven stepping out one by one, their bodies still cloaked in some kind of black goop*

    Henley: *He twitches slightly as he senses what's happening.* If you would excuse me... *He teleport s back to earth, landing god knows where. (Get it?)* I can't get through? Shit.. I'm not being late again... *he lifts up his shirt, a void core embedded inside of his chest, partially flesh and partially it's original material* Come on you little shit! fuckin' work for once! *A void portal pops open* Thank you! Then again it's me... *he shakes his head in his own confusion* Just get through the damn portal... *He steps through into the barrier, facing the tree* Fuck me that's some good miracle growth...
    Eldannyo The Ginger Wolf
    07: *He fires the shot, and swears loudly, chasing after the Forgotten, shoulder barging through the door, and crashing into the reception area of Dubai's central airport, grabbing cover behind a Receptionist's desk as a bolt of magical energy explodes in the central hall, wiping maybe 30 of the panicking civilians fleeing the scene, as the Forgotten keeps running, tossing bolts behind him, barrelling for the terminal exit.* Anyone got a chance at catching him?
    Dera'Val Mintra
    7 months ago
    OOC: [Here on out, moved to a new feed, "The Old War, Anew".]
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    The Three Realm War

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    War starts again, wasted lives sink into the abyss as Madmen control legions. What will it take to finally achieve true peace?
    Dera'Val Mintra
    11 months ago
    Ir: *After a rather long time of running down stairs, the steps gradually becoming thinner, rougher, the walls steadily closing in, turning from hewn stone to raw rock, crags and cracks until Ir has to start shimmying through a thin crack in a rock, the pitch black pierced by a blimdimg light, the silence shredded by the roaring of hurricane force winds. Sliding throigh the hole in the wall, he steps into the headwind around the grove, the pure wind speed and raw magical emergy ripping him cell from cell, tearing his soul down almost as fast as he can regemerate before with a final step he pushes through into the eye of the storm- the cavern known as the grove. Lush grass, birds and insects wizzing around, trees and flora like a jungle, woth a small sun at the pinnacle of the cavern, the sound of the winds a mere whisper.* Ahh... Home...
    A Child of the Madness
    OOC: [I've an interesting little scene in mind for Shadow and Madness if anyone is in the manor, however I am debating whether or not I should insert it here or in the new tab. ]
    11 months ago
    OOC:[ New tab I would say. Also, I'll have Zel return to the manor after a little while. As in after I have finished tormenting Joseph.]
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    mumbled "Oranges. And guilt. Also i did a thing!"

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    I was peeling an orange the other day and then i realised. Why the fuck am i eating oranges? I hate oranges, detest them even. Then i realised after chucking it in the bin and looking at my sad little sisters face that i was peeling it for her.... I got her snother one though so its all good. Also i wrote a thingy. Its a movellas. Yeah. Thats it. Stop reading, please... WHY ARE YOU CONTINUING READING THIS?!?! AM I NOT ALLOWED PRIVACY?

    Fecking weirdo...
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