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  • hithereyouguys
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    Best senteces ever please update because your story rocks!
    The Madman and the Agent | A Doctor Who and Avengers Fanfiction
    The Madman and the...
    The Doctor and Donna. Director Fury and Agent Hill. A strange new threat. This one's complicated.
    Swantiquity Vaircome
    Thank you so much! I'll try update but I've got a lot going on at the moment.
  • hithereyouguys
    Can you please update!!! It's such a good story
    The Sagas of Saskia
    The Sagas of Saski...
    For the Sherlock Fan Fiction competition: my first attempt at writing fanfiction!! Greg Lestrade is alone in the world- no friends, no family, no life. But one fateful case may bring an end to that. One...
    3 years ago
    I'll see what I can do!! Depending upon whether we get any more massive thunderstorms in the next few days, there may be a new one soon!!
    Glad you like it!!
    Z xx
  • hithereyouguys
    Pretty please update with cherries on top
    My family of supers (Avengers fanfic)
    My family of super...
    Avengers fanfic This is about Pandora's life. Her father was best friends with nick fury. Her mother is dead alone with her secret. Pandora is pregnant with her rapists baby. When her 'uncle' nick gives...
  • hithereyouguys
    Hey can you update maybe we can co
    All Who Wonder Are Not Always Lost (Avengers AU Story)
    All Who Wonder Are...
    What if Loki won the battle against the Avengers? What if Loki became the supreme ruler of the Earth? That is exactly what happens here. Loki has been king of Earth for over a year. Nowhere is safe...
  • hithereyouguys
    Please please update!!!
    A Strange Story
    A Strange Story
    A strange thing happens to the not-so-quiet town of New York City. It all starts when the Stark Twins are kidnapped right from their parents' and The Avenger's grasps, going to who knows where. And now,...
    Mrs. Tony Stark
    3 years ago
    Hello, sorry, I didn't see your comment... But, I just updated it yesterday:)
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