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Hey Starshines!! :D (That's my nickname for you guys!!)
I'm super nice and smart. I'm a part of the color guard team at my school and hope to meet cool people. I am an only child (sadly) and I live in TN. I am single and just want some cool friends :) I love to ride horses BTW! PS im not really country even though I live in TN. haha :D
I like to write (Cough cough go check out my first Movellas "Was It Fate?") and I hope to join some contests eventually, if you like me do me a favor and help me get some more fans, please? I made a new movellas called (Secrets...) Check it out K!
I am hoping to find that special someone, and I am saving myself for marriage.
my favorite color is aqua blue.
I love my family, and my cat died. :(
I hope to find some amazing people!!
I am part Asian, part Black, and part Caucasian!
My Movellas friends include:
~Electra @[Colorguardian42]
~Loony's *SamiLovesYa*
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    Love soo much!!! Update please! :D
    What I Want. (+16)
    What I Want. (+16)
    I couldn't resist his eyes, his lips, his dimples.. wait, stop. I couldn't resist the being that was Luke Hemmings. But, he was my step brother. What if Ashton found out? What if our parents found out?...
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