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I <3 Food(; Yanoo

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    UPDATE!!!!! (;
    Stay With Me
    Stay With Me
    Allison had a rough life, her father died in a freak accident... Not long after her mom died of lung cancer. She's been in and out of foster homes since. She was adopted a few months earlier by people...
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    Update!!!!! Gurly(;
    Don't Act Suprised
    Don't Act Suprised
    There were five teenage girls who were spending their lives to the fullest and they didn't care what people thought about them. Except one day it all changed. The five girls were casually doing a normal...
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    My name is Ashlee and I would really like one with Niall and I want something like him cheating on me then we et back together please? An thanks if you can
    One direction sexual frustration (13+)
    One direction sexu...
    These are one shots of the boys. All of them :) Please request for your own chapter in the comments in your comment you must say which boy (or all of them) your name and wat you want to happen in the...
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