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this could prolly be just a phase but I'm in luuvvv with the name 'bean' courtesy the summer trilogy by jenny han where laur calls belly her bean. so im naming my future pet dog, pet cat, pet dragon, pet unicorn, pet chimera and pet panda the angelic name that is bean. im kind of a picky reader? courtesy hectic study life. i dream about writing my own stories but my head's too messed up for that (due to reasons that cannot be fathomed in normal human lingo). heck i wont even get past my first chapter! :D but IF that does happen, please dont hold what i said against me haha. that aside, im up for a hello or a hi though please dont ask me for my real name or anything pertaining to my real identity though i swear my existence is as genuine as gus' love for hazel grace lancaster (gosh im still smitten). now that my anonimity has been established, i can bask in my social paranoia and hopefully put my social anxiety to some good use. shout out to you awesome creature for painstakingly making it to the end of my bio. no nobler creature hast been! :'O thankyou! arigato! sayonara! (not really jap tho)

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    #28 and #29 just cracked me up like omg you can predict the immediate future
    Can You Relate?
    Can You Relate?
    Like and favourite if you can relate.
    3 years ago
    So true! I did the head nod too haha
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