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Sorry 4 that chainge 2 my acont my sis loged in and chainged my acont cuz she wanted 1 her self so she chainged mine to look how she want ed hers to be like :)

  • Hermoniepotter
    Aha where is my coment????!!!!!
    So You Think You're A Fangirl?
    So You Think You'r...
    So Me And My Co-Author's Are Basically Just Going To Rant On Here, We Won't Mention Names, You Can Post Your Rant Below, We May Put It Up On Here! If You Are Offended Please Leave, I Don't Want More Drama!...
    4 years ago
    I would love to make your acquaintance again, very soon, my dear Ms. HermioneKatniss
    Planet Shay
    4 years ago
    Have a marvellous day, Ms. RainbowDashicorn. (Bye, I actually have to go. XD)
    4 years ago
    Goodbye, dear.
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