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  • Hermes Cumeau
    This is really good so far! please add more! :)
    X factor. Reality show... life choice?
    X factor. Reality...
    I'm here. I made it. How? Dear lord, don't ask me- I'd be the LAST person to know. But maybe this is my chance. Not to become famous, but to become ME. To become more interesting and well... wild??? Ha!...
    5 years ago
    thank you! xxx
  • Hermes Cumeau
    This is really good so far, but there are a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes, for example "Sally is one of the funniest person I've ever met" should be "Sally is one of the funniest people I've ever met" and some minor spelling mistakes were "embarised" which should be "embarrassed" and "els" which should have another E on the end. But over all really good so far!
    Dear bullies out there
    Dear bullies out...
    Hello my name is Sarah, I just moved in Gore High School. As you can see I'm just new around that school. It's hard to meet new friends but I got to say, it's easier to meet new bullies in school. I'm...
    5 years ago
    Thank you I really appreciate ur comment. Tnx for pointing that out, I use my phone to write stories so it must've been a typo.
  • Hermes Cumeau
    Important message: This Movella will NOT have any major sexual scenes. This is due to the fact that my friend has told my english teacher I was writing it, and there is a possibility that she will read it. Apologies to those who started reading the movella, looking forward to those heated scenes.
    50 Shades of Pink
    50 Shades of Pink
    A story written about a contract... In which kitties are involved.
  • Hermes Cumeau
    This is really good so far. I love how you refer to katniss just as the mockingjay, and how you've added snow's grand daughter as a more important figure than she was in katniss' time. :D
    The 154th Hunger Games
    The 154th Hunger...
    Verity is the female tribute from District 10. Her brother, Avro, is the male tribute from District 10. Verity is in a bad position. Verity plans to keep Avro alive, whatever it takes, so she lives with...
    5 years ago
    Thanks Declan! I thought that Verity could not remember Katniss' name so just refers to her as 'The Mockingjay' (I did the same to Florence Nightingale when I was younger, I just called her Lampy Lady :D) and if you like the idea of Snows Granddaughter, you should read a story called 'Fire and Ice' by Ritten-Rebel12 who shows her in a different light. Thanks again for reading!
  • Hermes Cumeau
    this is amazing! I hope you win the competition! :)
    Will you?
    Will you?
    This is for the legacy competition. It has a deep message and a challenge I hope you will accept! Enjoy :-D PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE CHAPTERS! :)
    5 years ago
    Thank you although there are some great entries!!
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