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  • I'm so so sorry
    I'm so so sorry
    by Hels
  • The Walls Have Ears
    The Walls Have Ear...
    by Hels
  • Hels
    3 years agoReply
    Hi, I really like what you've written so far. It's good to find an original storyline, but I wanted to suggest you start a new paragraph with each new speaker. It makes it easier to read especially if you have a lot of different speakers. Can't wait for more :)
    The Perks Of Being A Teenage Book Blogger
    The Perks Of Being...
    "I’m not like normal people. I’m not even classified as normal at school." Phoebe Hathaway has many titles, but not popular or famous. She's just a teenage book blogger slowly making her way through...
    3 years ago
    Thank you! Sorry about that, I'll fix it as soon as possible! I have based this book off of me and *hopefully* it will be out in book stores next year! I will post up more chapters when I have time to write more and I will post up a Mumble so you can read more! :D Thanks again! Let me know if you didn't like anything else, I would love to have any advice on improvement! :)

    May the odds be ever in your favour,

    Georgia Stencel, The Books Bandit
  • Hels
    3 years agoReply
    have you ever heard of punctuation? because your usage of it is sadly lacking and reading that first chapter has given me a headache
    like brother like sister
    like brother like...
    I hate you I said to my brother well I love you sis he said I never though I would love him as a brother until today
  • Hels
    4 years agoReply
    I agree with you. Getting rid of the speaking exam was stupid, for less academic it's a chance to bring the overall grade up. plus the fact that we still have to do it without it counting emphasizes Michael Gove's incompetence
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    GCSE Changes- A...
    My article for the 'Movellas gets political!' contest, about my problems and the general problems with the changes that have been made to the English Education system over the past few years.
    Enya Sanders☕️
    Exactly! (And sorry for taking so long to reply, I didn't see that you'd commented XD)
  • Hels
    4 years agoReply
    Thank you for being the voice of reason. I have a deep hatred of One Direction (though I do admit reading fan-fiction - only because many of them are so implausible I end up in hysterics) and I do find it a pain when fan-fiction turns up in other genres. I also agree with your points on grammar, sometimes I stop reading a movella simply because the grammar can be so erratic. It's nice to know that there are still some sane people left on this site
    Just whatever rants come to mind. This seems to be a great way to vent.
  • Hels
    4 years agoReply
    I was wondering if you had seen the film of Conrad Schumann jumping over it as the photo is one of the stills from the footage. It's not very long but I think it's really interesting that such a small thing completely changed his life
    Make the Jump.
    Make the Jump.
    Berlin. Fifteenth of August, 1961. One Conrad Schumann guards the Berlin Wall on the third day of its construction.
    There's a film of it? Wow, I didn't know that, I only found out about the picture this summer. I'll go watch that on youtube now. thanks for the tip-off!
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