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I live in a world full of people pretending to be someone im not,someone who they expect me to be,and im tired.

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    I am no longer writing this book on here. I moved it to Wattpad. I also changed it's name. If you still wish to read it. It is called "Love is a sick disease" and my username is ThatkidHelen
    She's Not Afraid Or Is She?
    She's Not Afraid...
    Helen is just a rich, pretty,sassy (mean sometimes) girl who attends a music talent school with some celebrities. Shes not afraid of anything except one thing but no one knows what it is. Shes determined...
  • Helen	Styhorlikpaylinson
    One Direction in the Hunger Games
    One Direction in...
    It's this time again that every kid dreads. Getting picked out of the barrel waiting those few seconds could mean life or death. Only one girl and one boy must be chosen. This is the Hunger Games. A/N...
  • Helen	Styhorlikpaylinson
    I love this!
    The Hunger Games...(One Direction and Justin Bieber)
    The Hunger Games.....
    *Y/n is a 17 year old girl from district 12. Living with just her sister it can be hard to provide. But what happens when her sister gets picked for the games will *y/n risk, loyalty, friendship, love,...
  • Helen	Styhorlikpaylinson
    This is really good! Omg im gonna get obssessed with this movella! :) i was wondering if you could follow me and read my movella "shes not afraid or is she?" please and tell me what you think of it. Thanks :D
    True love last ( One direction Story)
    True love last (...
    This story is bout a girl who lost so much when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend went off and got killed by a gun shot. She been though a lot her best friend was gone. She toke care of her sisters and...
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