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Hey, I'm Hecate (Kate for short) Lillith Firefury. AKA Emily.
Crazy, lazy, kinky, and a witch. I also write. I'm Wiccan (thus the title of "witch"), I like food, I hate human interaction, really hate sunlight.
I like both genders because oh well I'm just like that. (wink wink ladies (; )
I love everyone, honestly, like literally.
Love. Everyone.
And I'm married to Glenn Danzig and Kurt Cobain.

  • Rogue Witch
    4 years agoReply
    Bella, It's Emily Smith(your mother :p) omg i keep making new accounts cause i forget my password hurdur im smart... lol i feel bad all the stories ive started are gonna sit there quietly on their little accounts and fade away. merp.
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