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    As Competition Among Online Marketers Increases, Marketers Demand Proven Results: Heather’s Solos Leads the Pack for Solo Ads and Email Advertising

    (Los Angeles, CA) March 28, 2014 – As online entrepreneurship increases and the competition to collect names for email advertising lists intensifies, savvy Internet marketers are turning to companies that can help them build their list. Heather’s Solos, a California-based startup, specializes in providing solo ads to online marketers, and has found demand for its services skyrocket since opening its doors in 2013.

    “The new American dream is one of passive income,” says Heather Alessandra, founder and President of Heather’s Solos. “Smart, tech-savvy entrepreneurs know that online marketing works; it is a viable business model used by thousands, but depends on successful email advertising. Heather’s Solos, and our solo ads service, has proven it is a dominant force in this niche. I think word about our success is getting out, because we have unbelievable demand for our services among new customers.”

    The rise of internet marketing and online entrepreneurship were ignited by the publication of Tim Ferris’ non-fiction book, The Four Hour Workweek, and the increased quality and availability of Internet connections worldwide. Online marketing, which relies on selling products and services to an engaged, online community of fans and readers, has become an increasingly popular business model among young, tech-savvy and educated people around the world.

    Solo ads are an email advertising tactic used by online entrepreneurs and marketers to increase the number of people who opt-in to their email advertising list. As online marketers often focus on selling goods and services to members of their online community, a large and well-built email advertising list can generate thousands of dollars in sales for an online marketer. Unfortunately, many marketers find it difficult to build their list, particularly when they are just starting out in the world of online marketing.

    Solo ads are an effective method for kick starting an online marketers’ email advertising list. A solo ad occurs when one online marketer emails the members of his or her list with a special, value-added offer that can only be accessed by joining the email list of another marketer. Solo ads are sometimes done as a favor among friends. However, it is also common for online marketers to purchase solo ads from other marketers or through a third-party broker.

    About Heather’s Solos:
    Heather’s Solos is the brainchild of Heather Alessandra, an Internet marketer based in Los Angeles, California who specializes in solo ads and email advertising. In less than one year, Heather’s Solos has become one of the premiere solo ads and email advertising service firms on the web, delivering substantial and authentic results to clients across a variety of industries. In addition to getting rave reviews from clients, Heather’s Solos has been recognized by industry insiders as one of the top firms able to deliver authentic results for its clients.

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    Website: heatherssolos.com
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