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We are all much better educated about what our bodies need in order to remain healthy, so why aren't we all adopting a more healthy lifestyle in the 21st Century?

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    At Healthy Living Habits our mission is to raise the awareness of the dangers of eating unhealthy foods and a lack of exercise. Our focus is on how to change habits that affect you in a negative manner as well as what habits to replace the old ones with.
    Currently we focus on three main categories, Eat More Healthy, Take Some Exercise and Manage Stress Levels. By changing negative patterns in these three categories we believe that you will enjoy significant changes that will improve your health and outlook on life.
    Eat More Healthy focuses on your diet. We discuss how to control overeating, as well as cutting foods that are not healthy from your diet. It sounds daunting, in most cases these are minor changes that help you to lose weight and be much healthier in the long run.
    Take Some Exercise is a simple concept and by doing so can increase the level of your overall health significantly. We understand it is much easier to make an excuse than to actually do the exercise, however, once you begin the pattern of change it becomes much easier.
    Manage Stress Levels concentrates on changing patterns in your life that raise the level of stress. Our goal is to assist you in learning healthier ways to manage that stress, how to deal with it in a positive rather than negative manner.
    Visit our site today and join our community of like minded individuals.
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    Squidoo, (Feb. 21, 2013) – It’s already the second month of 2013 and New Year’s resolutions are already falling away. Healthy Living Habits will help you keep your healthy living resolutions and inspire you towards healthy eating and living. Healthy living is more than just exercise and nutrition, with mental health playing an equal if not more influential part in healthy living.

    The topics covered by Healthy Living Habits encompass a wide variety of healthy living techniques, tips and hints. Some of the topics that have been covered so far include:
    Healthy Eating – When it comes to eating healthily there are many different directions to explore. Some will have weight loss goals, others will be more interested in eating in a way that will support their exercise regime in sculpting their body to the shape and muscle mass they want to achieve. Determining what you are looking to achieve first is the best way to start eating healthily.
    Exercise – With numerous studies conducted, exercise is without doubt good for us. It is proven that those who exercise regularly have a lower incidence of physical ailments like coronary heart disease, diabetes and colon cancer. In addition, they are generally happier, less prone to depression and have a more positive attitude in life. However, ensuring that you are doing the right type of exercise is essential to ensure that you are in fact benefiting from your exercise.
    Stress – Mental health is just as, if not more important that physical health in healthy living practises. Whilst some stress is beneficial to mental health, recognizing the symptoms of the negative effects of too much stress can help us take action. Physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems can result if harmful stress is left unchecked.

    Take your first steps towards healthy living with Healthy Living Habits. Visit the Squidoo lens at for regular updates on healthy living. In addition, you can also leave comments and question for NICOLASD and he will respond.

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