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Where do I begin? Ahh, here:

Who Am I?

I am the one and only Chloe Nicole (a.k.a Hazzas Only Cupcake). I come from Southend, a large family of twelve (Ten Kids And Two Adults).

Things That Interest me (a.k.a - Hobbies)

- Writing story's, books, poems etc.
As I come from a large family it's not as easy to talk to family members so I decided (And I really enjoy) to make / produce my own stories / poems / songs.

- Playing My Piano
My nan ( Or Grandmother) pasted away a few years ago and she loved the piano and since then I've always loved to sing and play some songs. (I can play things like: One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful, Best Song Ever and Midnight Memories. I can also play 'How To Save A Life' and 'Love Don't Die' By 'The Fray'.)

- Fantasizing About Harry Styles...
I don't really have an explanation for this... I mean his frickin' Harry Edward Styles from One Direction! If you don't fantasize about him (Or a member from 1D / 5SOS) then you have no life and there is no point in being here because... Your not welcome...


- One Direction

Harry Styles.

- Five Seconds Of Summer

Ashton Irwin.

- Art

School Subject.

- Adele

Amazing Female Singer.

- Kelly Clarkson

Another Amazing Singer.

- Surfing The Internet

Well, I actually only got into the internet a few weeks ago as my family never owned a computer!
But since I joined it's been great and I love it!!!



Where Else Can You Find Me?

Gmail :

Instagram : hazzasonlycupcake

Quotev : Hazzas Only Cupcake

Twitter : @HazzasCupcake4E

That's all I have at the moment


  • Hazza's Only Cupcake

    mumbled "Help? Need A Book Idea!!"

    So I've just published a fan-fiction but I want a book that's just fiction so I can have fans that like both, if you know what I mean.

    Are there any ideas? I'll give you credit and I also wanted it to be a romance book.
    Please comment any ideas and, just like I said, I'll give you credit (I'll even let you co-author) :)

    Thanks :)
    Evil Teddies
    4 years ago
    It could be about a girl, and she thinks she's ugly, and is always bullied. When she moves school, she meets a boy called Brendan, who fancies her, but she doesn't like him back. Arrogant, hot-headed, all the qualities from the popular bullies at her old school. But when they are paired together on a project, she realises there is a sweeter side of him.
    (This one is a little bit inspired by 'Grease' and 'Cinderella)
    Two kids meet while on holiday at a beach resort. The girl has to leave the next morning, and the only thing the boy knows is her name (Kayla) and the town that she lives in. He forgot her phone number, after dropping it in a rock pool. There is five towns called the same thing, one of which is where Kayla stays. He goes searching for her, and is almost tempted to stay in one by another girl called Mia. Kayla and Mia are actually friends, and then she comes to visit and meets the boy. After pining away for so long waiting.
    Hope you like the ideas!
    Hazza's Only Cupcake
    Thanks, I'll think I'll go for the second one! :)
    They're both great though! I'll make sure to give you credit for the book as well :D
  • Hazza's Only Cupcake

    mumbled "Anti-Bullying Day At School"

    So I'm only in year seven but I've asked to do an anti-bullying thing at school and I said that I'd make a power point when it's been accepted.
    The head of year ten wants to use it BUT no one told me that the day had been confirmed... And she wants it tomorrow!!!

    I'm happy but now I have to spend my evening making a power-point on anti-bullying!

    That's it. I'm so sad I have no followers yet I am mumbling...
    First books coming out soon :D
    Hazza's Only Cupcake
    I won't, don't you worry.
    You can tell me what to improve anyway when you have a look at it @[Crown of Shadownight]
    Victoria Raven
    4 years ago
    Lily Anna
    4 years ago
    Yes you should! :-) Sorry for the later reply. Am back now, had to go out, sorry.
  • Hazza's Only Cupcake
    Please can I have one??
    If it's possible could I have one asap? If not don't worry :)

    Title: Punk Love
    Author: Hazza's Only Cupcake
    Ideas: Punk Harry and a girl with brown hair and eyes???
    Genre: Fan-fiction (One Direction / Harry Styles)

    Anything else just let me know :)
    Chloe Nicole And Alex. Browning Cover Store
    Chloe Nicole And...
    Chloe Nicole Tomlinson And Alex. Browning presents a FREE cover store! All you need to know is in the first chapter. xXx
    Chloe Nicole Tomlinson
    I'll get started on it now :)
    The blurb would've been needed but no worrys :)
    You might only get mine though as Alex is a bit busy at the moment :)
    Hazza's Only Cupcake
    Wow - You did that really quick haha!
    Thanks - It's perfect :)
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