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❝Hi, I'm Tate, I'm dead. Wanna hook up?❞

❝I'm dead dear, not stupid.❞

❝I think of myself as a really sexy lady deer.❞

❝Oh please, I'm a hot looking, smooth-talking, frisky-assed son-of-a-b*tch.❞

⟪You are Beautiful and Perfect. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.⟫

。.。:+♡*♥Mack 2/14/18 ♥*♡+:。.。

•Hayley Rose Crimson
•Hail•Nikky•Hails•Hale•Hay•Emo Hayley
•18•Pansexual•Emø•INTP•She/Her•July, 11th•5'9
•Pluviophile•Generally Awkward•Procrastinator
•Odd•Cat Lover•Otaku•Twixter•Chocoholic
•Fashion Slut•Makeup Enthusiast•Kinky

•Writing•Reading•Drawing•Photography•Graphic Design
•Cosplaying•Doing Makeup•Youtubing•Playing Keyboard
⛧My frens/fam mean everything to me

⛧I'm bad at updating
⛧Most of my stories are dark and unusual, especially the fanfics
⛧I'm always on Wattpad, I have 6 accounts and do most of my writing there

⛧Onision is my spirit animal
⛧Like Fez, I'm always goofy, emotional, high, hungry and horny
⛧I'm basically Onision and Fez's love child

⛧I love horror and the paranormal, really anything 'scary', 'creepy', or unusual
⛧I'm way too into to BxB
⛧I have a thing for fictional pyschos thanks to Loki/Joker/Harley/AHS

✯Email| HayleyRoseCrimson@gmail.com
✯Kik| xXBlackVeilRomanceXx
✯Musically| BlackValeBrides

✯All my social media:

Loves of my life
•Andy Biersack•Onision•Evan Peters•Adam Lambert

•Dahvie Vanity•Gerard Way•Tom Hiddleston•Jared Leto
•Grayson Dolan•Johnnie Guilbert•Remington Leith

•Sarah Paulson•Hayley Atwell•Juliet Simms•Lady Gaga




•Jayy Von Monroe/Dahli•Danny Noriega/Adore Delano

•BVB•BOTDF•Emo Trinity•Palaye Royale
•Echo Black•Marilyn Manson•TØP•NYD•SixxAM
•Melanie Martinez•Eminem•Within Temptation
•ATL•TDG•Blink-182•New Politics•Simple Plan
•Mayday Parade•Stitched Up Heart•The Killers
•blackbear•30STM•FFR•Lil Peep•MATD•CTE


•S.H.I.E.L.D.•Flash•Legends•AHS•Penny Dreadful
•Stranger Things•That 70s Show•The Good Doctor •SPN

•Death Note•Black Butler•Tokyo Ghoul•DMCB
Anime ships

•Bo Burnham

•Onision•OWA•MDE•CrankThatFrank•Brandon Rogers•Sebastian Meepz

•Spongebob•Johnny Bravo

•I hope you like me, but if not I don't give a flying f*ck•

Milestones/Noticed by
•Andy Biersack•
⟪Posted my hand (in a collage) on his IG during the NTIO contest 6/11/17⟫
⟪Liked YT comments x3, liked tweets x2⟫
•Onision is 'friends' with me on DeviantArt•
⟪Reply to YT comment x1, liked tweets x4⟫
•Inna Pitts•
⟪Followed my personal IG 3/3/18⟫
•Palaye Royale•
⟪Liked tweets x2, retweeted x1 ⟫
•Jake pitts•
⟪Liked posts on IG fan account x7⟫
•Johnnie Guilbert•
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⟪Liked posts on IG fan account x6, liked post on my personal ig x1⟫
⟪Liked posts on IG fan account x2⟫
•Ash Costello•
⟪Liked post on IG fan account x1⟫
•Sebastian Meepz•
⟪Multible times on YouNow and Twitter, guested on YouNow x1⟫

**My works on here shall be posted to my Wattpad accounts as well and vice-versa**

•Oh my Josh, I'm Dun✌•

•Boob Squeeze•

  • Hayley Crimson
    Mr. Insanity|Andy Biersack Fanfic*Also on Wattpad & Quotev* "I'll see you dead, Andrew." "I'm sure you will, Charlotte, my dear." He smirks, "Just not today." ~~~~~ Two serial...

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    Review store
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    1 years ago
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    Your welcome ;)
    Hayley Crimson
    1 years ago
    I really appreciate it! I'm glad you liked it I was having a bit of self-doubt tbh. So again thank you so much!
    Speechless 💔
    1 years ago
    It was no problem. Keep up the good work! Your amazing at creating stories! If you have any other books you would like to have reviewed I would gladly do that for you! Thanks again for requesting. Also please tel, me when you update next, I really want to read more! ;)
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