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Hey everybody, I'm Ava. I hope to publish a novel (When I get my lazy butt round to doing it) and I also hope to publish a manga. I hope you enjoy what I write/draw. And please read my poetry :) Don't be shy, you know you want to! If you're a fan add my badge:


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    mumbled "New Books"

    I'm looking for co-authors who have a general knowledge of the steampunk revolution, since my new series "The Clockwork Children" is based in the Victorian era (Steampunk theme of course) :D It would be much appreciated if you could help me develop the characters. Thanks! XD
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    Title: Broken Hearted
    Author: Hayley Caster
    Main Character Looks: black hair with a electric blur fringe, the hair is an outgrown pixie cut. Pale skinned, green eyes. Female. Tall.
    Cover Maker
    Cover Maker
    So yeah!This I a movella used solely for covers.I will create a cover for you if you wish and ask of course.More information inside.It will be mainly for Harry Potter or The Hunger Gsmes fan fictionß but...
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    Title: The Lyric Girl
    Author: Hayley Caster
    Ideas: Maybe a girl and something to do with music, lyrics to a song in the background?
    Summary: Kat Green has spent her life writing lyrics for One Direction. They treat her badly and never give her credit for the work. When an opportunity appears so that she can escape, who's to stop her true talent shinning through?
    When I would like it: When ever you can complete it
    [Old] Lily Anna's Covers *CLOSED*
    [Old] Lily Anna's...
    This used to be my main cover store but I now have a newer version so feel free to go there for any covers.
    Ava Blackstone
    4 years ago
    Subtitle: Can you hear her voice?
    Lily Anna
    4 years ago
    Okay, i'll add you to my list. :)
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    J.K. Panesar, you are officially amazing at doing covers :D, I wish I was that good. What program do you use?
    J.K. Panesar's Cover Store (CLOSED!)
    J.K. Panesar's Cov...
    J.K. Panesar's Cover Store! Do you need a cover? Do you want me to make you one? Then just follow the instructions from the movella and I will try my best to provide you with one that you will love!
    J.K. Panesar
    4 years ago
    Awh thank you! And anyone can do good covers! Im sure you can too! :) And I used a program called macromedia fireworks. :)
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    I support Hades, total rebel! :D
    Percy Jackson quiz
    Percy Jackson quiz
    So, basically, the first person to answer the question correctly in comments wins. You say which Cabin you'd support (like, say I put the right answer and said I support Athena, then the Athena Cabin would...
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