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    Oh my god, oh my god! I am so so so so sorry that I haven't been updating for like one and a half month. I've just been really distracted my everything, like final grades, friends, last minute parties and stuff. It's a really bad excuse, I know, because I could have written a chapter or two every time I got home from school, but I kinda just go to sleep when I come home (I'm really exhausted all the time lately).
    Anyway, I'm sorry and I'll hopelly upate this week!!
    Love you all!
    Love you too! xx
    You should post your storys on wattpad!!
    Hi- could you please check out my movella and see what you think of it? :)
    My Step Brother"Our parents...they don't have to know. We can be a secret." Louis said, coming closer and closer to me and moved back until I reached the wall. Louis...
    Plzz update passion 3 plz
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    Passion 3 - when and why

    Hello lovelies.
    I am so sorry that I haven't updated Passion 2 yet, but as far as I've planned there's only one chapter left. I really want to update, but a lot is going on lately and I just don't have the motivation. I have planned what's going to happen in Passion 3 (or most of it) so don't worry, there will be a Passion 3 without doubt. I said that I would post it last weekend, but I never got the chance and I apologize for that.
    Like I said; A lot is going on lately with everything, and I've got some things with myself that I am battling.. So I can't promise you when I'll finish Passion 2 and start Passion 3 - but it will hopefully be soon.
    I love you guys for believing in me and for liking what I write, it's amazing.
    Massive thank you!
    I love your books so much please keep going !!!
    just put them up when ever you can, i'm sure that we your fans can wait for when your ready :)
    i cant wait to read passion 3, i am i love with your writting <3
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    Hello Lovelies!
    I haven't updated the past few days because I've been in London with my dad, to celebrate my birthday the 26th. The trip was great, and I shopped a lot of new stuff.
    There's something that I feel like I need to tell you... It's still hard for me to believe... But while I was in London an old Bentley (the car brand) passed by, but got stuck in traffic. I thought it was a nice car, and took a look at it... And guess who sat in the backseat?
    A so called mr. Zayn Malik. He looked me directly in the eyes and smiled at me. I didn't know how to react, so I just smiled back, and first after the car was out of sight I realised who it was, and I span around to see if I could get one more look - though it was too late.
    The weird thing was that no one else noticed, cause he was after all sitting in a car... So he looked directly at me and smiled.
    I was quite starstruck and I still am. Though I like to think that famous people are just like normal people, so I didn't really freak out - though it was was quite awesome.
    You know, it was after all the Zayn that I am writing about in Passion, and HE looked at ME and smiled. How unbelievable is that?
    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you! Have a nice easter!
    I love you <3
    oh. my. god.
    my life is complete.
    Could you please check out my movella titled Coincidental Meeting :) it'd mean a lot! Thanks!
    the mrs zayn malik
    oh go... that is amaZayn lol
    i cant believe OMG
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    Diary and thanks

    I've been thinking so long about making a diary on here, about my own life... Cause a lot is going on at the moment, but then I think that it maybe would be too personal, and that no one would care, cause what's the fun in reading someone else's diary? Gah, I don't know! Sorry, just had to inform you since the thought often ends up on my mind. But it's not really a interesting idea, haha.
    Anyway, other than that I just wanna thank all of my beautiful readers! You are so amazing, and you truly make my day! I love you! Stay strong lovelies <3
    Hopeless Wanderer
    I'll read it if you want me to! I'll care, I promise. My heart goes soft like ice cream melts in 200 degree weather, <3
    ♥Viola Styles♥
    Yeah You Should Really Make a Diary. You Seem Like A REALLY Sweet And REALLY Beautiful Girl (Which From What The Pictures Show, Is True), So Why Not? SHARE YOUR LIFE WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!! Lol xx:);)
    ~Viola Styles XD:D

    P.S: I LOVE Your Stories;D
    your soooo beautiful! (im jealous!)
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    To the Danish readers

    I'll write this in English, even though it's to you Danish people that are reading my stories.
    I've gotten a lot of people asking if I could start a story in Danish, so I finally pulled myself together, and did it. The story is called: Heart Attack, and I hope that you'll take a look at it.
    It would mean a lot.
    Cheers! <3
    Just Broken
    Can't find it ?
    Just Broken
    Can't find it ?
    Brianka Malik
    just to english then write on in danish
    I think i'm going to start reading your stories now. Sirencly a girl from Denmark, lol.
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