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  • Harrys'smiledrivesme-wild
    Omfg! I wanna get kidnapped by bieber! Lol ;) love love love this story! More plz!!!
    Kidnapped by Bieber
    Kidnapped by Biebe...
    I'm a 17 year old girl, just your every day normal girl. My name is Page, I have long brown hair and green eyes. As I walk down the street could hear someone walking behind me, to close. I turned around...
  • Harrys'smiledrivesme-wild
    OMFG!!!! All she EVER does, is SLEEEEEP!!! I want some actiiiiooooonnn! This is a great storry, but 4 petes sake! GET ALITTLE FRISSSSKKYYYY!
    1.Lesson Learned
    1.Lesson Learned
    Brooke Pettaway was a nerdy teenage girl. She was the top of her class. But when she gets a call from Scooter Braun, her life flips upside down. She becomes Justin's personal tutor. What happens when...
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