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I'm 17 :)

My sister/bestfriend/co writer/@CatherineHolt :3 Also known as Mrs.Niall Horan
I'm Mrs. Styles Andrea my friend : Mrs. Tomlinson

Vas Happenin? I'm Kelsey

love to write! 1D is awesome love all of them just have the secret crush on Harry(; hehe
Instagram: mrskelseystyles45
Follow and I'll follow back(:
Fan me on here read my storiesss :3 i fan you back oki? (:
I only write fan fictions :) mostly 1Direction haha if you don't like them then...
GET OUTTA MY KITCHEN !!!!!! :) xxxx
British and Irish accents haha amazayn
I'm irish and britsh/english i think, I have hazel eyes LOOL I LOVE FOOD TURTLES CARROTS TACOS MIRRORS :DDD
So, yea I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! Directioner and Proud<3 I love all of them equally(: Just haz the crush on Harry!<3 he's mine(; ok? loves xx

Okay, back so i almost forgot, i love writing, dancing, some singing and stuff so like i am writing a fan fiction about the HG now so go and see hope u like :D
So basically i love writting that's my fav thing it's a passion and maybe even a regular story an oringnal but, fanfic is my thing for now(:
K bai again
I also love Taylor launter but I still love Josh hutcherson more ;D
oh if i was in the hunger games i would want Taylor or josh with me ;D
Oh I love one direction ! <3 Harry Styles ;D i'll probably write a fan fic I'm working on that now it will be up soon guise and ya HARRY STYLES IS MINE Justsayin <3 :P ;)
1D 1D 1D 1D ! I LUV THEM! HarrySTyles is mine :) lol i am jking i don't own him nobody does but he stole my heart, they all did <3 (:

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    I forgot about this story :0 i should finish it?
    Summer Lovin
    Summer Lovin
    Summer Trip. Ireland. I'm staying with a home stay family while here. That family happens to be the family of Niall Horan. The Niall Horan from one direction. As nervous as I am I just have to act normal....
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