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I love the mortal instruments and yaoi and a lot of fantasy shows, I love anime and voicaloid

  • killer kelsey
    Can you review my book it's called MY MESSED UP LIFE
    Movella reviews
    Movella reviews
    If you want your movella to be noticed or your wondering what some people would think about it just submit your movella to me and like this movella . In just up to, two days I'll already be done checking...
    4 years ago
    Sure. But could you please wait an extra day. I'm busy today
    4 years ago
  • killer kelsey
    This story is so sad it made me cry. I have a friend at school who cuts and a friend who has those thoughts. I support both of them through everything.
    Define Depression
    Define Depression
    *WARNING* {This novel includes self-harm, sexual-physical abuse, detailed scenes, child abduction, and attempted suicide. If these or any other forms related to these harm you, please do not read. I don't...
    J.K. Panesar
    4 years ago
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    You're a very good friend. I have much respect for you. The friends you are supporting must be glad to have a person that cares so much about them, enough to support them. I had a friend that knew about my depression, but within a week of her finding out she ditched me and grew distant. It was the most painful thing to ever feel.
  • killer kelsey
    I love this movella it's really good. I also love vocaloid
    Mika Hatsune(Miku's big sister)
    Mika Hatsune(Miku'...
    This is a story about Mika's life (yes I made up the name) Mika is Miku's big sister and one thing I want it made this into a series and continue it but make different people that are in her family
  • killer kelsey
    I love how you have done the story it's cool. When are there going to be more chapters?
    Fear : A Vampire Novel
    Fear : A Vampire...
    I was abandoned. I never guessed I would get adopted into a rivalry between a bunch of demons, This is just perfect! HA Not this is going to be an adventure.
    4 years ago
    soon I am about to write one and thanks.
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