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  • HarrysDaughterLily
    omg more and if it's done I want a sequel
    Hybrid At Hogwarts
    Hybrid At Hogwarts
    Ara Britt is a cat hybrid. She lives with her adoptive parents, The Ricciardi's. (What a coincidence check my page). On her 11th birthday she gets a letter from a magical school saying she needs to attend!...
  • HarrysDaughterLily
    poor Sirius :(
    The Reason Sirius Doesn't Love Anymore
    The Reason Sirius...
    FINISHED: Belief was born into a wizard family as their only child. When she turns five she walks in on her parents' murder. She loses faith in everything but what she knows to be reality. When she...
  • HarrysDaughterLily
    I'm gonna kill petrify myself if I dont get more....
    My Guardian Angel
    My Guardian Angel
    Harry James Potter lives his notsonormal life at the Dursleys, and survives with the letters that are sent to him every year. And finally, he gets to leave the Dursleys in his Guardian Angel's arms, never...
  • HarrysDaughterLily
    Ravenclaw Lixe Pixel Metamorphmagus Blondie White Hair Black tips kitty called unicorn xD can hopefully be your Bestie Black Eye White Eye Tall Readerr
    Jessica RavenWood's story  (VOTES AND CUSTOMS CLOSED!!!!!!!)
    Jessica RavenWood'...
    This is the story of Jessica RavenWood. A orphan who's parents died in a plane crash. If you want to be in the story, leave your info
    Who is bucky
    4 years ago
    So, I'll be adding you in after about 2 weeks tops cause I need a few others. Thanks for commenting. <3
    your welcomie 030
    Who is bucky
    4 years ago
    OK, I'm rereading the people on the comments, and I cracked up at yours cause unicorns. :3
  • HarrysDaughterLily
    Rosetta Blaise
    Whitish blonde hair with green streaks
    loves care for magical creatures
    prankster with Fred and George
    can't do a patronus yet...
    done something no student ever did.. killed her parents who abused her lives on her own now In her manor
    emerald green eyes

    Zachary Blaise exactly the same but no green streaks and hair is like malfoys
    You're at Hogwarts
    You're at Hogwarts
    This is your time to be at Hogwarts! Be in this story!!!
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