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I'm simply having the best life ever, I'm currently hooking up with the hotty Harry styles from one direction, and famous for it! This will make me mega popular at school! But everything is going wrong! Harry cheated on me! And now that we are finally together again, he has to leave. My mother won't let me go back to England with him! What could I possibly do? -gabrielle

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    mumbled "It's gotta be harry"

    Chapter 2 
         Two hours had passed and my back was burning! I sat up and rubbed on some SPF 50. 
    I looked over my shoulder and saw a white van. A camera crew, and five boys stepped out of the car. And those five boys were the one and only One Direction. My heart started fluttering just by looking at Louis. I just loved Louis! They didn't seem to notice me though..... They noticed Jessica. Jessica in her skimpy bathing suit which probably means she knew they were coming to make a music video. Along the side of the boys there stood Harry styles.... Looking at me with his green eyes. I mean he seemed kinda cute with his wavy, curly locks and his dimples.... But Louis was for me. Louis was funny cute and had a great sense of style. Louis started walking over. I begun to panic not knowing what to do! Was my hair a mess? Did I have enough concealer on? He walked right pass me and sat next to Jess and kissed her softly on the cheek.
    Great..... He didn't  like me. Jealousy rised up in me but thank god I knew how to get back at her! 
    Jess liked Harry..... But Harry was looking at me. I walked over to Harry and sat right down next to him. 
    "sorry to bother you but I couldn't help but notice those beautiful eyes" I said and moved my face closer to his. He smirked like he knew what I was doing. 
    "you just want to make Louis jealous, i get it"
    Harry said and walked towards the rest of the group. 
    There was something about Harry that made me want him. He was playing hard to get.... And I liked it. 
  • HarrysBabe#1

    mumbled "It's gotta be harry"

    Chapter 1 
    It was a beautiful day in Malibu California. I was lying down on my beach towel waiting for my best friend Jessica to come. I saw her pull up in her pink convertible, and she walks right over. I glanced at her skimpy bathing suit. 
    I knew  Jess. I knew her very well and she only where's those when she try's to impress someone...  I decided to wait and see what happend. 
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