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  • harry's taco
    Hey! I write stories on a different website and need help creating a trailer for my fanfic. I also needed to make an account to comment I guess.
    Name: The Evil Within
    Author: harry's taco (on quotev.com)
    Genre: fanfiction, horror, supernatural
    Characters: One Direction, mainly Harry, Mark Sheppard as John Hughes, Misha Collins as Adam (the priest), and Ashley Bensen as Ally (dating Niall)
    Plot: Harry loves Ally and he confesses, Ally who is dating Niall, says no. Harry runs off to a voodoo shop to get rid of his feelings. Things get sticky when Harry starts acting weird. He becomes possessed by a powerful demon. They enlist the help of John Hughes, but he was no good. Then they find Adam, a priest, to help them out.
    Song: Jen Titus - Oh Death or Safe and Sound by The Civil Wars ft. Taylor Swift
    Gifs are good!
    thank you!!!!!!
    I make trailers:)
    I make trailers:)
    Hi guysss! Do you need a trailer? I can make you one just follow these instructions! 1.Name of fanfic. 2.Genre 3.Main characters also who you imagine them to be celebrity wise 4.Plot 5.What song you...
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