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Hello! I've loved One Direction since they were on the X-Factor as just Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall.
I thought, why not write some stories about them? Not all my stories will be about Harry!

My favorite member of One Direction is Harry, but I love all of the boys!

Become a fan if you like~ :*

I ship Larry. o3o

Hugs and kisses - Harry's_Hoe.

  • Harry's__Hoe
    "LOUIS FUCKING TOMLINSON" Why am I laughing. xD
    We Seem to Have Our 'First's in the Toilets
    We Seem to Have...
    Lou and Harry really do seem to have their firsts in restrooms. They first met in the X-Factor bathroom, and... Well, that's all. But, Lou made sure another very special first was in the toilets, too... (One-shot...
    4 years ago
    Because... It's ridiculous. XDD
    (Thanks for the comment. Haha.)
  • Harry's__Hoe
    Oh, gurl. I always knew you had artistic talent. c; KIDDING! But this is great. Write more, you hoe.
    Through the Dark
    Through the Dark
    When 20 year old Hanna wakes up in the hospital not remembering anything about her past, and nothing waiting for her except a blonde Irish boy telling her who she is, she'll take the risk of getting to...
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