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    Great storyy!Please update:))
    Foreign Exchange | h.s.
    Foreign Exchange...
    "This isn't America anymore, my dear, this here is England. You're on my territory now, and what I say goes, is that understood?" He asks me as he grips onto my chin forcing me to stare at him. I frown,...
  • harrys.girl98
    Please update this is one of my most Favourite movellas so please please update!!!
    Lips - H.S
    Lips - H.S
    Song: Lips - Marian Hill "Until we meet again, Rose." Harry smirked and I blushed deeply, god I wanted him. (Aka Virgin Rose .) Do not read if you feel uncomfortable about sex
  • harrys.girl98
    Girll all of your movellas are great and so does this one so far!Please update as soon as possible byyee:))
    Oh Diana +16
    Oh Diana +16
    He's sexy .. Fearful . Harry Styles is an expert party boy consisting of many shot glasses and loud music and crowded spaces where nobody wanted to leave until they were pissed drunk . Yes . His high school...
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    Please update,I'll die��
    Abducted by them **(NEW VERSION PUBLISHED)**
    Abducted by them...
    Brooke, a 17 year old girl, has an argument with her parents causing her to wonder off through the park to take her mind off things. "Who hangs around at the local park at 8:49pm on a Sunday night?" She...
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    If you really cut please stop I know you'll think that I'm just a stranger and I don't know what you're going through but I've been there,yeah it sucks I know but there will be a day when you will realize how special and beautiful you are!Because I'm sure you are every one is!So please please stop hurting yourself you deserve so much more than that,Be patient and God you'll give you what you deserve.I hope this made your day a little better and just so you know I mean every word of it:)
    ||every cut has a story||   H.S
    ||every cut has...
    "Ugly" I repeated one of the words Harry had said to me, I put the razor slowly on my skin. I felt the cold sharp metal on my skin, I slowly started to slide the razor against my skin deeper than I've...
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