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"having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness."

wattpad; londonlegacies

welcome to my little writing universe.
simply here to read and write in hopes of one day becoming an author.

I was young.
I was foolish.
I was angry.
I was vain.
I was charming.
I was lucky.
Tell me how have I changed.

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✘ Demonic
✘ Millionaire
✘ Royal Bastard
✘ Eradication

up and coming;
Cold Blooded

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    I don't know where my comment went as I just posted it, so here it is again;

    I nominate @[Black China] without a doubt (: she's a very very very helpful person around the site and she cares about everyone. Not to mention her stories are unique (:
    1 years ago
    yes she is a unique writer

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    hey, i just wanted to check in with you and see how you were doing. (: it's been awhile since we last talked and i've been concerned. i hope all is well; and a reminder for you - you are incredibly beautiful, inside and out, and never let anyone try to take away your light. shine bright like the stars and keep your head held high. xx.
    teen idle
    1 years ago
    omg hi. no! don't be concerned, but although i do appreciate it, omg. you're such an angel, thank you, you made me smile today, Megan. c:

    how are you? <3
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    mumbled "Can Anyone?"

    Can anyone make me a cover for Demonic? I'm trying to make a new one and nothing is working/coming out the way I want it to. If anyone can make one for me please let me know and I'll send you the details! (:
    1 years ago
    please if you could! i would really appreciate it! what information would you need? (:
    1 years ago
    @[Qveendom] could you please? I'd really really really appreciate it! what's the information you would need?
    1 years ago
    Title; Demonic

    Subtitle; The playground for the devil himself.

    Author; londonlegacies or ms

    Celebrities; Harry Styles and Crystal Reed

    Mood; Dark, Mysterious, Horror.

    Ideas: The main focal point is the asylum, so if you could somehow incorporate a picture of an asylum onto it, or a dark hallway of some sort — if that makes any sense. I would really prefer Harry to be a "demon" but if you can't then it's fine! Crystal shouldn't be smiling. If Harry could be a bit behind Crystal — like he's watching her — that would be great!

    That's all I can really think of that has any specificness to it. But if you need anything else, feel free to ask/tell me! Thank you in advance, I really really appreciate you doing this for me! (: xx.
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    mumbled "A Happy Thanksgiving"

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I wish your day be filled with family, fun, laughter, and peace. To those who are going Black Friday shopping, I wish you the best of luck (: and while the events of shopping are taking place, don't forget the real reason for Thanksgiving; being thankful for what you have and giving glory to the One who made it all happen. xx.
    1 years ago
    Thanks, my whole family came to my house it was fun
    Skye S
    1 years ago
    Mmm....turkey :-P
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