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I love the harry potter book series and #tfios . My favorite animals are owls. I like chocolate and icecream. Hope you like my stories! Enjoy!

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    mumbled "Hermione's New Dew"

    CHAPTER:1 Hermione woke up in the girls dormitory. "What a lovely day",she said aloud. As the usual, her hair... A MESS. She thought maybe it would be nice for a change. "I'll change my personality!"she looked into the mirror. She mumbled," This is going to be more difficult than I thought..." CHAPTER:2 Hermione fiddled with a tiny comb for about 30 minutes and finally decided to give up. She exchanged the worthless comb with a giant brush. All it did was make her hair even more poofy. Looking ridiculous, Hermione headed off for breakfast in the great hall. CHAPTER:3 She nibbled on some toast and never looked up while Ron and Harry took the slowest bites possible, staring at Hermione. She slammed down the toast and stood up with her hands on the table. "That's it! I don't like it when you stare at me!!!" Ron started a come back at Hermione but she interrupted him before he could say the second syllable. "I don't care about your lazy back talk Ronald!!!!" She pick up her pile of books and in the other hand Crookshanks. Hermione scurried off in anger. CHAPTER:4 Hermione was laying down on her bed reading when suddenly she remembered something important. Hermione left in a hurry, nothing with her. She headed off towards the Three Broomsticks. She sat down at a table her hair as messy and as horrifying as ever. Hermione looked up and there he was just sitting there as handsome as could be. VICTOR KRUM. TO BE CONTINUED
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