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I love One Direction
and I love writing 1D fanfics
*simple, but effective*

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    I want to read more! I think it's lovely darling! Please continue (:
    Hidden Secrets❤|Living for you
    Hidden Secrets❤|Li...
    Emily's P.O.V I wouldn't say that moving wasn't a bad idea. But moving into a hotel was a worser idea, i know it's not forever but for a vampire like myself it is a living nightmare to be around so...
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    mumbled "One last mistake, One more chance"

    "Get out!!" You screamed at the top of your lungs & threw a glass vase as the wall. "Megan, let me explain!" Louis pleaded. You quickly ran up to him & slapped his straight across the face. "Get out you bastard!" You didn't care anymore, in your mind he was a vile & worthless human being. He dashed out the front door & drove off in his car.

    *three days earlier*

    Megan's POV
    Me & Louis have been together for about six months and It's been sooth sailing so far. Louis & the boys had to go to Italy for two months to shoot for their Music Video & Louis surprised me by allowing me to go! It was only three pm & we were in our resort room by ourselves cuddled up on the couch watching tv. "Lou?" He looked at me & smiled. "Yes?" His smile somehow always made me laugh, he thinks its cute. "I'm hungry." He threw his head back & groaned. "Ugh, I'm too lazy to get up." I stood up & grabbed him by his hands and tried to get him off the couch. "Come on Lou! ugh, your heavy!" I let his hands go & he hit his head on the back of the couch. "Ouch!" He rubbed the part of his head that he hit & laughed. "I'm so sorry." He stood up & nudged me. "Are you ok?" I knew he was fine, but still asked. "Of course! What do you take me for, a sissy?" I love when he's sassy with me, it gives me a chance to show him thats he's not the only 'Sass-Master'. "Yes, your such a girly boy. Your not only a sissy, your a wuss!" He gasped & threw a couch pillow at you. "Girly boy? With these guns?" He flexed his muscles trying to look tough. I laughed & grabbed my purse. "Let's go then Mr.Man." He followed you out the door & he let you drive his car to a local Bistro. And who else but Niall would already be there, scarfing down Ravioli like no tomorrow. I didn't want to disturb him, he's always happy when he eats, it's cute! Louis & I sat down near a window. The waiter spoke only Italian & lucky for me I frequently spoke Italian. I never told Louis though, so his face looked shocked when I spoke to the waiter, telling him what I wanted. "Louis, what would you like?" I gave a casual smile like nothing weird was going on. "I'd like the spaghetti with meatballs, a coke & an explanation." I told the waiter that he wanted & he walked away. "What was that?" He looked sorta angry. "What?" I didn't think it was a big deal, apparently Louis thought it was. "That whole, Chow Bella gratzi shit!" I sighed & slumped in my seat. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you." He felt bad for getting worked up over a small thing & apologized. I felt hand on my my shoulder & quickly turned around to see who it was. "Hey guys!" It was Niall. He looked funny, he had sauce on the corners of his mouth & his chin from the ravioli & didn't notice. "Hey Niall, how's the food here?" Louis asked. "Oh my god, tommo, it's great!" "Better than Nando's?" I joked. "I said it was great, not the most amazing thing on earth." He patted my back & walked out. "Haha, wow." I said as he walked out. Louis and I were on our phones till the waiter came, we do that alot. When ever something is awkward or there's nothing to talk about, we'll just play on our phones to avoid the horrible awkward silence. The waiter gave us our food & drinks & I thanked him as he walked back to the kitchen. We ate our food & talked about what we were going to do later on. We could decide so we were just going to consult the boys after we were done. Louis slurped his spaghetti loudly as he ate. He knows how much I hate that. "Stop that, it's disgusting!" I said calmly but assertive. "What? This?" Then he slurped his spaghetti even louder! So I smacked his chest from across the table. "Stop!" We both laughed & finished our food. Me & Louis debated on who would pay for the food. I wanted to pay for it, but so did he. He let me pay for it since he doesn't like to let me lose. We went back to the resort, Louis drove this time, & we went over to Harry & Niall's Resort room.
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