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  • harrylover69
    he guys i am wrighting a story called love of my life that cheydream helpes with please check it out:)
    My Life as I Know It
    My Life as I Know...
    Chey is a girl who is a fan of One Direction but is losing faith in her heros. she just wants to fufill her dream of 1.) being famous and 2.) meeting the boys. things look dull for her.... or so she thinks.
  • harrylover69
    i love it!!!
    Summer With Styles
    Summer With Styles
    Macey Calihan is a grown woman now, and when she comes in contact with an old box of keepsakes, she remembers a series of incidents that made her the woman she is today. As a youngster, she was struggling...
    M.J. Letner
    5 years ago
    Thank you so much darlin :)
  • harrylover69
    i will try to update every day if i can in the 3rd chapter my dad would say and do the things i put in this it was his idea to put them in there.
    Love Of My Life.
    Love Of My Life.
    Faith is an american girl who just moved to london with her dad who just got offered a great job oppertunity, little does she know she meets the love of her life. {this is my friends story, im putting...
  • harrylover69
    update please.......
    Kidnapped. [Harry Styles|Niall Horan]
    Kidnapped. [Harry...
    Ella has been fighting all her life, living on the streets with just her two brothers to accompany her. She kills to survive and is consistently stealing. She's never lived a normal life. What will happen...
  • harrylover69
    update please....
    we just wont tell him.
    we just wont tell...
    taylor is an 18 year old girl who is the sister of louis tomlinson. her brother has been in a big boy band one direction but louis would never let her meet them because he is way ovverprotective. when...
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