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Just a girl who writes because it takes away my stress. Love romance and comedy, then read my stories! I love all those who love my stories. I plan on becoming a famous writer, actress, singer or forensic anthropologist. I know, I'm weird. Yet I'm smart and cute at the same time. Live life to the fullest. Take risks. Don't ever let people bring you down. You are beautiful and so is everyone else! I'm Irish! Seriously I am. Just putting out a random fact... <3 :) >.<

  • Harrygotstyle


    What is your view on Haylor?
    5 years ago
    If hes Happy im Happy to but i dont ship Haylor at all..But aslong as he's happy then i think we all should support his choice..We can't make him a slave and do what we say!He has to live his life:)And im sorry for saying what i believe if you diasagree.Im just saying whatever you all are saying about haylor and send hate to both of them then first of all you wouldn't be a true directioner..And second whatever you tell them isn't gunna change their minds about anything.I mean everyone gets hates..Which i think is really stupid to!!People needa be able to be themselfs to!:)<3 Not someone that you want them to be..And Harry Is amaZAYN<3He deserves anything..:)Ad So does he rest of the boys<3:)
    Martina 1D lover
    5 years ago
    I reckon shes so lucky and they seem so happy together. Haylor is amazing and i am happy for them
    5 years ago
    I don´t think that anyone really ships Haylor but I think he is no robot!! We can´t control him so we shouldn´t even try it! !I am happy if Harry is happy :) I saw that so many people tweeted hate to harry but they tell everyone that they are true directioners.If you are leaving this fandom just because of Haylor then you are no directioner! I´m sorry I know this might sound rude but I think this is the truth :) I will love Harry and all the other boys no matter what :) <3
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