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  • Harry_Potter-Fan-11
    This is great please write more
    Finding my Fate book one: Sorcerer's Stone
    Finding my Fate...
    Harry is 13 years old when he recieves a package from his future self, containing books about his life. How will knowing the future change it?
  • Harry_Potter-Fan-11
    This is great I can't wait for more
    I Promise I'm Fine: My Savior McGonagall
    I Promise I'm Fine...
    Book One in the I Promise I'm Fine series. At the end of Harry's third year at Hogwarts, Harry seems downright terrified of returning to Privet Drive. Ginny Weasley performs an investigation, and the...
  • Harry_Potter-Fan-11
    Please update this is a great story with a amazing plot line please add soon
    What If Snape had Saved Harry?
    What If Snape had...
    This is an amazing tale that will let you see another side of Severus Snape..... When Harry is dropped off at the Dursley's, he is abused, tortured and starved for two years, while Snape begs Dumbledore...
  • Harry_Potter-Fan-11
    Please finish it is a great series and I want to know what happens next
    Sparks of the Tempest
    Sparks of the Temp...
    Sequel to Child of Innocence. With Harry's fifth year comes the return of Voldemort: ominous news for both Harry and Severus. Coupled with the oppression of the Ministry of Magic, Harry's fifth year is...
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