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Things you should know about me:)
*I LOVE All Time Low, Animals, Harry Potter, and One Direction!!!!!❤️������������������ The dog in my profile pic is one of my two dogs. His name is Nico, he is a German Shepherd cross and both my dogs do agility, and we are also training in other dog sports!!��❤️

*Check me and the dogs out on YouTube, my channel name is:
K-9's United

*I'm hyper, weird and fun with a dark side, too

*I have 5 animals, my dogs are my favorite, I wish I owned a horse

*I have a confusing life and personality, I have a dark side which only one person has seen, I have trust issues and lots of locked up secrets

*My favorite color is blue and my favorite sport/activity is Dog Agility and Horseback Riding

* I write fan fictions about whatever my imagination leads me to, some will be dark and some won't, just READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

.......... Thank you for reading, now goodbye.........

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    Will have an update up by tommorow, sorry I am so inconsistent.... I am very busy:/
    Rebel Spirit
    Rebel Spirit
    Camryn is a rebel, badass, and the biggest, most famous person in the world.... She has various jobs, but her biggest one is to babysit unruly celebs and people, like herself. She is a person with a horrible...
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    Update!! OMG
    My 17 Year Old Life With A Touch Of 5SOS
    My 17 Year Old Lif...
    Arabella Tucker, a 17 year old girl, wins a contest to go on tour with her favorite band. What will happen? What if more then one boy falls for her? Who will she choose? How will she handle all the fame...
    4 years ago
    Just did:) I'm also working on the next chapter that will probably be up tonight :)
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    Love It!!! #SupportGayRights:) One of my best friends is a lesbian, but she is AWESOME!!Also, I wanted to say I read your profile, and if you ever need to talk, I am here for you, and I am also a big 5SOS fan, and I LOVE all your stories!!!:D
    Have an amazing day:)
    Did you know?
    Did you know?
    #SupportGayRights We're all human, so why do we discriminate our own kind?
    Cliffy Cat<3
    4 years ago
    Hahaha, thanks! And same with me :)
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    UPDATE!!!!!! I love it!!!!:)
    Our Moment
    Our Moment
    A summer love that could last forever <3 Audrey and Perrie have known each other since high school. But when Perrie goes to a cafe in London before the X-Factor, she meets Zyan. They get talking and Perrie...
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