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Hia ;*
The name's Styles, Riley Styles.
I've been writing fanfics for a while now on wattpad. Check me out on there too (name: haroldscurls09). I figured I'd try out Movellas and see where it goes! Hope you like my stories :*

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    Name: Elizabeth West
    Gender: Girl
    Likes: dance, music, writing, summer, movies, loves shoes
    Dislikes: School, rain, anyone being hurt (physically/mentally) She's had experience with it.
    Traits: She's a straight forward person, doesn't take crap from people, defensive, loving, but very sensitive at certain times.
    Appearance: naturally wavy dark brown hair frames her fair skin and compliments her blue/green eyes, she's skinny but has slight curves (that she's also self conscious about), she's shorter then most girls her age. Overall she has a small/petite frame.

    Thanks for the opportunity in this competition! I love your stories! :D
    This is where I will be hosting all of my upcoming competitions, awards etc.
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