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I am a fan of Sherlock (johnlock & sheriarty)
Harry potter (drarry & drapplexD)
supernatural (desteil)
my chemical romance (frerard)
adventure time (bubbeline & fiolee)
Black butler (sebby x Ciel)
soul eater (kid x star)
and Harley Quinn (ivy x Harley)

  • harlequinnkat
    my heart was touched
    Hey stop groping my soul people!!!!!
    My Favourite quotes by Andy, Dahvie, Ronnie, etc. etc.
    My Favourite quote...
    Just quotes that make me happy, from *Andy Biersack (or Andy Sixx as he used to be known as) *Ronnie Radke *Dahvie Vanity *Jayy Von Monro *and others. Enjoy please :)
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