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Hi! This is meeeeeeeee! I like writing stuff and drawing...yeah....umm well I swim and stuff as well :) yaya! I bet your thinking such a brilliant bio thing. IKR! hah I like to laugh and I find almost anything funny lol. no... wait in fact ROFL!! yeah that's better XD I read , like, a lot and I love books. I like the hp series, the divergent series, the percy jackson series, the angus thongs and perfect snogging series I could go on....and I also like the tv series like doctor who and sherlock. My hp house would be ravenclaw/hufflepuff. I would be in euridite or amity in divergent. I dont know about which district but my godly parent is either athena or posiedon. Yaay! Carpe Diem and Baccas meas vecicimi! I am quite good at spanish so if you like randomly feel like talking to me in spanish then your welcome to and I have just started learning german! I hope you like my stories :) SMILEYS FACES FOR EVERYONE!!! Also I fan back :) just so you know

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    mumbled "lolums!!"

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    Hiiii. So I read your bio, and you missed me! (I noticed you fanned me, thanks!) So here's my badge;
    It's a penguin! I'll fan you back if you put that in your bio! Thanks!
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    kk but at the mo I can't edit my profile $ some reason!
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