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Now 15!!! WOOHOO!!

The moment when you turn fifteen and Taylor Swift's song- Fifteen officially applies to you! :P

Harry Potter FanFic is my life! <3

In Light, there is Darkness and in Darkness, there is Light.

Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter-

  • HappinessBringsMeJoy

    mumbled "Friday Night Lovers"

    First things first- I HAVE A NEW NAME! I didn't really like the old one but I came up with this- Happiness Brings Me Joy, on the way home.
    Well, this is a quick post as I'm waiting for my best friend-GINGEY!! (Just because she's Ginger!-No offense to Gingers!), before we go out to the local park (Just like most teenagers my age except i don't get drunk or high haha ) Does anyone else get really tarted up to go to the park just in case there's a really cute lad there (over the age of 14 obviously!)??? Yet you know there probably won't be and if by chance there actually is, they won't even look at you, yet talk to you!
    Well, bye bye
    My song of the day: Cheers (Drink To That)- Rihanna (My anthem for tonight haha)
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    mumbled "Bonjour mon amis "

    This is just a quick hello from me, Granger_Lover97 to you, reader of my Blog!
    I'm not exactly the best at these type of things but I'm going to give it 100% because really, what's the point of doing something if you don't give it your full effort?!?!
    Few facts abotu me are : Although my birthday is in 9 DAYS!! I am still officially 14 years of age. Unfortunately! I live in North Wales (sheep lovers for the win hey?) and I love playing rugby, tag rugby and football!
    Love of my life = HARRY POTTER FANFICTION! (seriously READ IT!)
    Well, I'll say goodbye for now but salut! for next time!
    6 years ago
    Great, you? I found out about this through my form tutor. :) And don't worry, I'm used to spur of the moment things, they happen a lot where I am.
    I'm absolutely brilliant! :) Tbh, spur of the moment things are the best! Haha, I'm slightly hyper so you should probably ignore this message lol :)
    6 years ago
    Hehe, I know someone who gets really hyper sometimes. He sharpens pens... :)
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