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  • shantell
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    Hey guys! Glad you like it I'm working on it send me your ideas of how you want Niall and Louis to meet! Also tell me if you wanna see a little bit of the others
    Autumn Leaves
    Autumn Leaves
    Niall James Horan a typical teenager right? Well you'd be wrong you see Niall's always been awkward that is until a new kid comes to school. Louis William Tomlinson a boring flaky new kid right? To...
  • shantell
    4 years agoReply
    Can I have one with Niall my names Shantell sweet and you chose scenario
    One direction smut/ imagines!<3
    One direction smut...
    One direction smut/imagines! If they have smut try will most likley be very dirty so I'm warning you. Comment if you want one done with you and a boy or a boy and a boy(Larry,Narry,Niam,Ziam,Lilo, ECT.)...
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