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  • Hannahkathleen007

    mumbled "Full house"

    I love the show that has a family that lot the mother wife and everything to them. Every show they show you learn. New family value. And what is so wrong with that? I feel that anyone who watches it can and will learn a life lesson. And yet people won't watch because there is something wrong with an actor or they hate someone on the show.but just stop and take a moment and just watch a bit of it and just see what you will learn. Just watch it what do you have to lose?
  • Hannahkathleen007

    mumbled "No name no book"

    You have a name and most of the time your name starts your book. You may have the most beautiful name but your story could be the ugliest. But what if you had no name? Would you have a story would the pages in those stories be blank? Or would write it to make sure you had a story. But if you no name what would be your story would it be ugly or beautiful. I guess in the end that's how you make your story and it all starts with you name.
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