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    Its awesome :)
    Demons |H.S| (ON HOLD)
    Demons |H.S| (ON...
    You don't know me, And you don't want to. So don't give me a reason, To unleash my demons. Do you ever get a feeling some is-watching you? Eyeing your every move. Someone who knows everything...
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    I read in my attic on the little sofabed we have in there and on the ceiling there in glow in the dark stars and i read the fault in our stars up there and i currently reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth btw does anyone know when Four by Veronica Roth comes out in the Uk?
  • Hannahisadanosaur
    This is a story that needs to be printed you are a great writer love this so much write more chapters :)
    The Purge
    The Purge
    Emily Brown was just a nine year old when the first purge started.The year is 2022 and her dad dies durning the purge it's up to Emily and Harry to survive the night...will they make it through the night?
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