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    Choosing the right words

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    when it comes to writing a story dont just use any old words like an example of what i mean is- Her hair was blonde instead of that you could say - Her gleaming hair was of a Beautiful Blonde Play with your words and mix them p to create nice phrases to use use aliteration and similies and personfication and onomatopoeia to create a professional look to the reader because nobody will read your stories because you dont use figuritve language! :P
    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
    Yeah I agree, just be careful not to overuse it to where it's how you almost describe literally everything O.O
    K.G. Heath
    4 years ago
    You'll often add in a lot of fluff in the first draft where you want to be all fancy with your language, but editing and redrafting is about taking out all but what is necessary. "Kill all you darlings." A lot of those fluffy words are going to go
  • hannah123
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    Really oving love it so much !!! :P
    Titanic: 100 Years of Mystery
    Titanic: 100 Years...
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    Thank you for commenting Hannah! Was it your lovely "like" that got me to 70? Even if it wasn't, I am so glad that you read and enjoyed my writing. :-)
  • hannah123
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    I love it but its so scary in my opinion the scarier the better!!!! :P
    Not My Blessings
    Not My Blessings
    A young family soon discovers their twin children are not the blessing they thought they had received, but instead a true horror.
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