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A few facts about me
• Nutella is my life
• Harry is my secret brother
• Ed is my bud
• 5sos in my❤️(michael)
• I ship Peeta and Katniss sooo mutch
• I am 13 years old/young
• My fav movie is Red dawn
• My fav book is Divergent
• I love my friends (eaven if they are weard)
• I am from Sweden so don't judge my english...
• I LOVE BOOKS (obviously)
• Please kik me becouse i am BORED!!
Kik name: hanna01ena (hate 2the name)
• Snapshat me 2!!!
Snapshat name: hannabjork123
• I want to learn snowboard but last time i tried it i broke my arm
• I hate when Voldermort takes my schampoo without asking!!

Fav bands:
*A rocket to the moon
*Mayday parade
*The script
*Sum 41

~Stars can't shine without darkness~

~Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught~

~Cold hands, warm heart~

~For every reason it is to be sad there is another reason to be happy~

~I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby~

Fam(ily) ~ I Love You

Some people just need a hug,
Around the neck,
With a rope..

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