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My name is Hana Jade and I am a passionate writer. I am 23 years old and have been writing for twelve years. I write poetry at the moment, but I also want to write screenplays and novels.

I have plenty of dreams. Besides writing, I want to sing, work in theatre, and enjoy life :).


  • Hana Jade

    mumbled "As I write..."

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    As I write...I am going to remember what someone told me recently...

    "Write your heart out. Write the stories you would /love/ to read but can't find on the shelf. Write because you love it, not for profit or for fame but because it is what you /love/ to do."
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    mumbled "Time to write =]]"

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    I feel like nothing is holding me back and that God is by my side. Enough of the writer's block! Time to write my heart out.
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