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    TMNT Rp

    you just needed your
    But this is for Turtles ONLY!!!meaningNo Dragons,or other creatures and yet you can adda Super Villain for making thisRP Page more interesting .!!and please be more detail in you're own senteces also please don't go out of character.
    So are we turtles or humans or what? I'm confused... :)
  • HalfBloodied

    Book In Progess but looking for Readers!

    Hi I just Started a book name Tended I can't give away anything about this book or it will ruined the whole thing but I will give you a Hint about the theme .
    So.. here it goes it started on a faraway planet in this odd castle like a mason (( YOU HAVE TO FINE OUT)) also I just started on chpt.01 soo it will take a while :D
  • HalfBloodied

    "Hello....Fellas I'm New Here!"

    Hey everybody I'm new here and I just started a Book name "Tended" and shortly I will problem-ly Recreated it into a comic book or a Manag if can. But mostly I do have disalbities problems that includes Speech and writing mostly but I am Getting a Hang of it but also I am interested creating a forum about my book and what you think ? and help me out :D
    Also I have a Slow computer and a Cr*** interent as well so it will take a while. XD
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