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    mumbled "Just friends"

    Chapter 1

    Harry's POV:

    Me and the lads are rehearsing for our new album. It's about 2:30 and we decided to take a break. Me and the lads went to Nandos for lunch. We all for pizza.when we got done eating we went back to the studio to rehears some more. "Crap" I said "I forgot my wallet at the restraint!" "I'm going to run and get it." When I got to Nandos this girl was standing outside with my wallet about to call someone. Before she got on the phone I went over to her and when she got on the phone my phone started to ring so I answered it and it was her. And when she looked at me i remembered that when I auditioned for the X-factor she was there to audition to. She only made it to bootcamp. Me and her had to sing a duet together. When she tuned around she relized it was me and then she relized it was my wallet. I got my wallet and we talked for awhile. I went back to the studio, by the time I got there the lads were gone. Then I remembered I was with Emily for an hour. When I got back to the house Liam was on the couch watching toy story 2 with Danielle.
    "Liam" I said. "Where were you harry?" Liam said. "You remember Emily?" "Yeah"Liam said. "We'll she found my wallet and and we talked for a while."

    Liam's POV:

    When Harry left to go get his wallet I I knew he was going to be a while so me and the lads went back to the house. "So harry what did you and Emily talk about?" " we just caught up, talked about life." Harry said. " We'll me and Danielle are going to get back to our movie."
  • Haley Wacker
    Shellyy what's your kik???
    Kidnapped +15
    Kidnapped +15
    Wouldn't it be every girls biggest dream to be kidnapped by One Direction? Well not for Emily. She hates One Direction. - and it only gets worse when Harry decides to kidnap her. Harry says to the other...
  • Haley Wacker
    Shellyy what's ur kik??
    Blindfolded - (sequel to High on Love)
    Blindfolded - (seq...
    The drama and love continues. - Emily and Taylor goes on vacation to Sweden, but guess who they meet? One Direction, and guess who's there. Both of Emilys x 'boyfriends'. Harry and Niall. But what happens...
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