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Hello Movellas it's Hailey and Ashlynn so we're cousins who have a passion for writing and love to read all the amazing, fun, interesting stories and fanfics written on here, so basically we started this account to share our ideas and passion with you in writing. We will write plenty of fanfics and would love to hear from you guys. We love Justin Bieber and One direction because they just Inspire us sooo much and me Ashlynn personally I love Cher Lloyd she Inspires me alot too and is my idol she is gorgeous and Hailey likes her too. We would also like to mention that we would love to hear from you guys so please don't be shy and give us advise on stories if you'd like! Well thanks for reading this Very long description haha... MUCH LOVE!! ♥ Become a fan and we will become a fan of you!

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    Thank you very much to the people who are reading and liking our fanfictions like we said we LOVE hearing from you guys sooo... don't be shy! Oh and we are having some trouble with the font so please understand that we are doing the best we can to fix it. Well thank you and Good Night We'll update some more tomorrow! Bye :)x ~Ashlynn~♥ Ps. Hailey's already asleep LOL ;D
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